Electrical Mapping Working Group

Electrical Mapping Working Group

Briefly: International group working in area of mapping electrical activity and focusing on low resolution mapping at the moment.

History: A number of individuals, in both basic and clinic work began measuring electrical activity of the GI tract some decades ago. As technology and ability to measure have grown so has the activity.

This is a very incomplete listing of the overall work, and does list the work by a few individuals in the mid-south of USA. It is by no means inclusive of what is going on elsewhere but shows the great impact that other individuals and groups have had on a few projects.

Projects: Primarily low resolution mapping of the GI tract. In conjunction with other groups, who often have more detailed and sophisticated approaches, the low-resolution mapping may be able to advance.

Original Research Publications, chronologically:

Low resolution recordings

Abell TL, Malagelada JRM. Glucagon-evoked gastric dysrhythmias shown by an improved electrogastrographic technique. Gastroenterology 1985: 88(6);1932-1940.

Abell TL, Malagelada JRM, Lucas AL, Brown MC, Camilleri M, Go VL, Azpiroz F, Callaway CW, Kao PC, Zinsmeister AL, Huse D. Gastric electromechanical and neurohormonal function in anorexia nervosa. Gastroenterology. 1987: 93:958-965.

Kim CH, Hanson RB, Abell TL, Malagelada JR. Effect of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis on epinephrine-induced. gastroduodenal electromechinical changes in humans. Mayo Clin Proc. 1989: 64;149-157.

Familoni B, Abell TL, Praturu R, Katragdda S, Sabourin P. A model of abnormal gastric electrical activity. IEEE Proceedings; Eng. in Med. & Biol, 1989: 11; 1228-1229.

Familoni BO, Abell TL, Voeller G. Measurement of gastric and small bowel electrical activity at laparoscopy. J Laparoendosc Surg. 1994: 4; 325-332.

Esehemy A, Familoni B, Halford C, Abell TL, Smith L. Preliminary investigation of a Cauchy’s integral formula approach to electrical impedance imagery. IEEE Trans in Biomed Eng, 1995.

Familoni BO, Abell TL, Bowes, KL. A model of gastric electrical activity in health and disease. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 42(7):647-657, 1995.

Abell TL, Werkman RF, Familoni BO, Baggous W, Massie D, Vera S: Biliary, pancreatic and sphincter of Oddi electrical and mechanical signals recorded during ERCP. Dig Dis Sci. 1998: 43; 540-546

Abell TL, Familoni B, Voeller G, Werkman R, Dean P, Waters B, Smalley D, Salameh JR. Electrophysiologic, morphologic and serologic features of chronic unexplained nausea and vomiting: Lessons learned from 121 consecutive patients. Surgery. 2009: 145 (5); 476-485.

International Collaboration (high resolution recordings)

O’Grady G, Angeli TR, Du P, Lahr C, Lammers WJ, Windsor JA, Abell TL, Farrugia G, Pullan AJ, Cheng LK: Abnormal initiation and conduction of slow-wave activity in gastroparesis, defined by high-resolution electrical mapping. Gastroenterology. 2012 Sep;143(3):589-98.e1-3. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2012.05.036. Epub 2012 May 27.

Abstracts (numerous—available on request)

Ongoing work

Spurred by help from other investigators, low-resolution mapping is being pursued in a variety of other manners. New technology may be able to increase resolution and thus usefulness of the current GI mapping techniques

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