Gastric Emptying Projects

Briefly:  Gastric emptying, usually by radionuclides, has been the standard for diagnosis of disordered gastric function. Our projects have paralleled the evolution of gastric emptying testing.

 History:  Radionuclides began to be used for the quantification of gastric emptying in the 1980s. However the testing was not standardized. In addition, gastric emptying’s correlation with other measures of physiologic function were no clear.

Projects:  From the 1980’s on,  projects have tried to use emptying of both solids and liquid, wherever possible. The main focus has been to document gastric emptying at baseline and in response to interventions. Another focus has been to explore the interaction of nutritional, autonomic and enteric measures with gastric emptying.

 Original Publications, chronologically:

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Abstracts (numerous—available on request)

Final comments: Recent work has focus on re-analysis of normal control data for gastric emptying and it’s correlation with other measures of gastric function.

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