Post Operative Care Protocols


Briefly:  Postoperative care, and especially management of associated symptoms, remains a major issue for patients with gastrointestinal disorders

History:  Since many patients with chronic GI conditions undergo  surgery at some point, the care of these patients post operatively quickly becomes problematic for most physicians. Over the last 25 years we have explored a number of ways to provide innovation with post operative care for GI patients.

Projects:  Projects were initially focused on the relief of symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and pain via protocol driven projects. Once protocols were developed the next project was shortening length of stay. More recently the projects have focused on perioperative procedures that may additionally shorten length of hospital stay. Many of the projects have been presented in abstract form only. See note at end of this page about plans to integrate this research.

Original Publications, chronologically:

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Abstracts (several below–available on request)

Vesa TS, Spree DC, Kedar A, Lahr C, Abell TL. Length of hospitalization In gastroparesis. J Invest Med 2010 58 (2): 476

Length of Hospitalization in Gastroparesis.  Telciane S. Vesa, Danielle C. Spree, Archana Kedar, Christopher J. Lahr, Thomas L. Abell. GE, T1058 – May 2010 abstract

Yousuf S, Vesa T, Taylor M, Spree D, Lahr C, Kedar A, Abell T.  Hospitalist versus Non-hospitalist in Reducing Length of Hospital Stay and Average Cost per Patient in Gastroparesis (GP) Patients Undergoing Elective GES Placement. JACG, Volume 106, Supplement 2, Oct. 2011, 1143.

Shuja Yousuf, Yana Nikitina, Ike Eriator, Kenneith Oswalt, Timothy J. Beacham, Anand Prem, Wanda J. Keahey, Archana Kedar, Mubina Isani, Thomas S. Helling, Christopher J. Lahr, Thomas L. Abell:  Adjunctive Ketamine Therapy May Help Reduce Length of Stay in Selected Patients Undergoing Foregut Surgery.  Poster Session.  SSAT Stomach: Clinical (III).  May 21, 2013 – Orange County Convention Center DDW 2013 abstract

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