Mucosal and Full Thickness Biopsy Evaluations


Briefly: Full Thickness biopsies of the GI tract have been both intriguing and inaccessible. In the past the main source of these biopsies were in resected surgical specimens. Over the last several decades, the interest and ability to evaluate full thickness biopsies of the GI tract has increased.

History:  The interest in full thickness biopsy evaluation of the GI tract has paralleled both the advances in neuro-muscular disease elsewhere in the body, as well as understanding of many component of the enteric nervous system. Our team has been involved with full thickness biopsies for over 25 years. More recently we have been interested in mucosal biopsies for nerve fiber localization, in conjunction with colleagues at the U of MN and elsewhere.
Projects:  Full thickness biopsies were collected from patients with unexplained nausea and vomiting who were having surgical operations for many different reasons, esp. for enteral access tubes. The techniques for staining were limited at first but have increases, esp. with the widespread ability to stain for CD—177 or C-kit as a way to identify interstitial cells of Cajal (ICCs). This work has accelerated as other stains have been adapted and a number of national, international center have become involved, including  NIH funded projects in the US.

Original Publications, chronologically (including NIHGPCRC *** data):
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Abstracts (numerous—available on request—some are listed below)

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Current focus: is on less invasive techniques to evaluated GI neuromuscular function including mucosal biopsies and in some cases fine needle biopsies. A number of ongoing studies hope to enable clinicians to better evaluate GI neuromuscular status of individual patients.


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