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Briefly: See the History of Research Ranch page

History: As noted in History page these projects have evolved over the last few decades. Originally done by paper, then email, then egroups, then Yahoo groups, this data has been on Share Point servers for most of the last decade. These concepts migrated to the current web page in 2014

For any information on: Projects, Original Publications,  Review Articles or Abstracts please contact us at:

GI Motility Research

U of Louisville

1258 Frazier

220 Abraham Flexner Way

Louisville, KY 40202

U of L Health/

Jewish Hospital GI Motility Clinic

225 Abraham Flexner Way

Suite 502

Louisville, KY 40202

Research Office: 502-540-1400

Research Fax: 502-587-4399

Clinical Office: 502-588-7690

Clinical Fax: 502-540-1414

Academic Office: 502-852-6991

Academic Fax: 502-852-0846

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