History of Research Ranch


Briefly: After keeping research ideas, activities and projects in several different locations, in 2014 the information was transitioned to the long-standing web site: researchranch.net

History: The previous research work goes back nearly 35 years: in Columbus, OH and then Rochester MN but the records were all written. In the late 1980s in Memphis TN the projects and data were housed on a mainframe connected with the clinical research center. With the post-TN care dissolution of many activities at UT-Memphis, the projects were transitioned to e-groups and then Yahoo groups, although this method required quite a bit of maintenance. The advantage was that access was web-based although password protected. Starting in the early 2000s in Jackson MS the data was housed on shared drives but there was not a secure way to share ongoing activities with colleagues in Memphis. For the last decade data ideas projects and manuscripts have been on a Share Point servers, first at U of MS and now at U of Louisville. Starting summer 2014 all the previously mentioned items have been transitioned to the web site: researchranch.net, which has been renewed since its first was set up in about 1999=  over  15 years ago.

Projects: The Research Ranch is subdivided into a number of areas of more specific locations, by page. Soon to be included are some of the areas that are already well coved by other sites, such as: general gastric electrical stimulation for gastroparesis, and work with obesity.

For each area that is listed, there is an introduction, a briefly explanation of the topics worked on and some of the publications already completed. The abstracts, which are numerous, are not mentioned by title but are available on request. (see the For Further Information heading on the web site: www.researchranck.net.) Each page ends with a few concluding remarks.

[updated 22 January 2017 by TLAbell]

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